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    Team UC Berkeley -

    Logistics Director


    I am part of an inter-disciplinary team of UC Berkeley students competing against other schools to design and build a net-zero energy, affordable, off-grid, 100% solar-powered "tiny" house.


    Our team won a 2nd place finish overall and received 1st place finishes in sustainability, water conservation, craftsmanship, and home life. Go Bears!



    Rossi & Rei -

    Strategic Lead


    I worked closely with the founding team to develop and launch the new concept, brand, products, strategy, and e-commerce site for a business centered on bringing Italian craftsmanship and artisanal tradition to a global audience.


    I love helping teams succeed, and am especially proud of our work being featured in Fast Company.



    FABRICA x Italia Innovation -

    2017 Fellow


    I lived and worked for in Northern Italy for 3 months exploring the future of fashion origins in fellowship with Italia Innovation Foundries and in collaboration with FABRICA (a design and research communications center).


    I view discovery as crucial to personal development and always seek and welcome new opportunities to grow.


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